Fantastic, awesome, unbelievable, magical, beautiful….. We can go on for a while like this when we think back on when we cycled the Queen Charlotte Track last summer.

Right in front of me, Peter hits its brakes abruptly. With slipping wheels I too come to a stop. Diagonal on the track to avoid a crash. “A crossing Weka?”, I ask, somewhat startled. But no, ‘just’ another view not to be missed taking a picture of. And yes, he is right again. Also this vista is breathtaking. We gaze upon Queen Charlotte Sound and when we turn ourselves, also Kenepuru Sound. Fantastic, that screams out for a panaroma shot!

Perfect contrast

The green of the rainforest and the azure blue of the ocean contrast perfectly with the clear blue sky. In the back birds sing their songs, a gentle breeze touches the trees. Who would want to cycle on? Not us, so we decide that Nikau View is going to be the spot for a well deserved lunch. We are lucky, no curious Weka’s here who are always keen and eager to inspect your backpack. Just a few seasoned hikers conquering the Te Araroa Track. This long-distance trail takes you from the northernmost point of New Zealand all the way to the south. It covers roughly 3,000 kilometers and also includes the Queen Charlotte track. Good choice! Turns out that the trampers stay in the same lodge as we do, so the deal to drink a beer together was made in a sec!



No hurry

We say goodbye to the view and the hikers. With the comforting thought that this most likely wasn’t the last viewpoint, we hop on our bikes to continue our journey. This time we make sure that the gap between us is a bit bigger, to prevent bruises and fractures. A good thing, more than once I see Peter rummage about in his photo-bag to dig up a fresh memory card or a battery which still has some juice. Seems that it was a good choice after all to bring some spare ones! We daren’t say what time we arrived at our accommodation, but let’s just mention that Queen Charlottes sunsets are just plain awesome! Oh yes, the Te Araroa walkers were sipping their second beer already, while ours went warm….

To us, the Queen Charlotte Track is the track of the views. Every corner surprises you with yet another treat! So gorgeous, that in the end it took us way more time than all the brochures and websites indicate. But, who cares?! Why rush with so much beauty around you! The Queen Charlotte Track really is a feast to ride.