Nga Haerenga - New Zealand Cycle Trail

We would like to share our New Zealand cycling experiences with you. How is it ‘in real life’ to ride the trails? What will you encounter and where do you have to pay attention to? First hand information, stories and tips. But foremost lots of photos. After all, they provide the best image of what to expect during your biking adventure. We have several magazines online for you to enjoy already. Make sure to pay us a regular visit, we will be adding more!

Hauraki Rail Trail

Back in time

On the Hauraki Rail Trail all good things come together! Beautiful nature, shorebirds jammed coast, an impressive gorge, mining history, a ride with a historic steam train, waterfalls and hotpools. And the best part: did you know that the Hauraki Rail Trail is one of the easiest trails in New Zealand? So what are you waiting for!

Queen Charlotte Track

Royal views

At the top of the south island, in Marlborough Sounds, you find a track with royal views. When you cycle the Queen Charlotte Track, you can count on amazing views, dense rainforest, sheltered inlets and crystal clear water. Seventy kilometers of rich history, great ocean views and a track you can put together yourself!

An awesome track which also doubles as a great hike!

Otago Central Rail Trail

Submerge yourself in colours

Otago Central Rail Trail is the oldest and most colourful cycle trail in New Zealand. Brown, yellow, green, red and golden shades vary under ever-changing skies. You cycle along former railroad tracks through a rocky landscap with vast plains, river gorges, viaducts and tunnels. A variable trail in the footsteps of gold diggers.

Hawke’s Bay Trails

Different everyday

More relaxing is impossible! Hawke’s Bay Trails offers 200 kilometer of cycle paths through a stunning and diverse landscape. The route is predominantly flat and leeds you along the oceaan, rivers and swamps with gorgeous flowers, plants and an abundance of birds. Along the countryside, with fields full of fruit trees and vineyards with the best of wines New Zealand has to offer. Tasting allowed!

Motu Trails

Getting bored, not an option

The Motu Trails has it all! From high sand dunes to extensive beaches, and from dense forests to rolling hills. Following streams and rivers and crossing valleys with countless sheep and wild horses. The rich history and culture of the Maori displayed along the trail make this multi-day trail even more interesting and diverse. One thing is for sure: you won’t get bored!