Sea and beach never far

Fond of water? Did you know that it is always near when you roam around New Zealand? Although the country is 8 times bigger than, say, the Netherlands, beach, sea and fun are always at close hand. Due to it’s unique shape, it is impossible to find yourself further than than 119.4 kilometer from the ocean. No matter how hard you try! Because of this, you have the unusual and exceptional opportunity to go skiing, cycling through savanna, go for a hike through lush meadows, feast in a vibrant city and end the day on the beach with an excellent glass of wine (or soft-drink ;) ) supplemented with a delicious fish ‘n’ chips. And yes, all of this in just one day! Very handy and excitement guaranteed! 

Oh yes, that particular point is situated on the south island, close to the village of Cromwell, in the province Otago. Worth a visit as well!