Cycling in New Zealand
2,600 kilometer of cycling trails through breathtaking and pristine nature. Cycling in New Zealand is an experience you won’t easily forget. The divers landscape keeps you jaw-dropping. Whilst cycling you come along high snow-capped mountains, expansive plains, deep blue glacier lakes, bushy rainforest, volcanoes and waterfalls. There is a reason New Zealand is called a cycling paradise!

Crazy about New Zealand
New Zealand, the most beautiful country on earth. You may agree or not, but New Zealand has the active traveller a lot to offer. That’s why we always keep going back to this amazing country with its overwhelming nature, its peace and the laid back people. A culture of no worries and outdoor activities. During our last trip to New Zealand we discovered cycling and got very enthusiastic about it. On this website you read all about it!

Our experiences
We believe in sharing experiences and exchanging tips and ideas. Why try to keep all that beauty to yourself? Don’t expect touristic information or extended trail descriptions though. Others are much better in doing so! We are more than happy to provide you with the links to those web sites. Just enjoy our pictures and personal experiences. And in our blog we give you the tips you won’t find in the travel guides and web sites! How cool is that!?

22 Trails
With 22 specially constructed cycle trails throughout the country, you do have something to choose. Challenging mountainbike tracks or multi-day routes for the road cyclists. Tough – little – climbs, varied with flat sections along rivers. Cycling in New Zealand means off the beaten track. Passing old railway tracks, forgotten trade routes and country roads. Once and a while you’ll hit some some tarmac, but always in the midst of nature.

Do we have news for you!

We gather interesting cycle news for you. Tips, fun and handy details and advice to make your cycling holiday in New Zealand a succes. Also, we will have quest contributions. Sharing their trail experiences, interesting news or cool Instagram accounts! Once and awhile we will share our personal tips.

Have fun!

Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trails
Came to life with funding from the Government in 2009 as a way to generate economic, social and environmental benefits for NZ communities. Today, more than 1 million people use the 22 dedicated Great Rides per year. ‘Nga Haerenga’ means ‘the journeys’, both in a physical and spiritual sense, which is exactly what you will experience when you ride the NZ cycle trails.

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