For a moment, you might think you are in France. But it really is New Zealand. One vineyard more beautiful than the next. Gorgeous driveways, majestic farms and New Zealand’s famous hospitality. And grape vines as far as the eye stretches of course! If you love cycling and a nice glass of wine, than Napier is the perfect base. Rent a bike at one of the local companies and leisurely cruise through the vineyards. Napier is situated in Hawke’s Bay, a very fertile area thanks to the high amount of sunshine hours a year. Really everything grows out there! Not only grapes, but also peaches, apricots, apples, pears and berries for instance. You can buy these treats everywhere at little stalls along the road in the fruit season (summer months).

Pick your winegrower
The Winery Trail takes you past a fair amount of vineyards. Tip: pick a few beforehand which you really want to visit. We were a bit too enthusiastic and stopped at every farm we encountered (no, we didn’t do wine tasting at all of them!). By the time it was time for our lunch, we only had pedalled 10 kilometers. That didn’t progress. During the afternoon session we decided on only visiting the award-winning wineries, but even that turned out to be a time-consuming chore.


Six times tasting
At all the winegrowers you can do tasting. Mostly for free, but sometimes you pay a small amount, like 5 NZ dollar. On average, you taste four to six vintages. You get to know all about the wines, winery and of course, the chance to buy a bottle (or two). Make sure you do, because they produce some of the best ones you can buy. The best of New Zealand, if not of the world! Most winegrowers are therefore proud to show their certificates. Often they export their products all over the world.

Something else than wine
You don’t have to drink wine if you don’t want to, a lot of winegrowers also know hot to serve a good coffee and a variety of fresh local fruit juices (real yummy!). To say nothing of the delicious food! So you can leave your home-made sandwiches at home with peace of mind. It saves you a lot of space in your bags, only easily to be filled with a couple of award-winning bottles of wine!

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