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Not for wimps

From easy to average and ending with expert level. Sounds logical we thought. The Motu trails have a neat structure in difficulty level, but, as always, the sting is in de tail! We doubted for a long time if we also wanted to cycle the Pakihi Track: a mountain bike trail for the advanced mountain biker. One thing was for sure: that didn’t relate to us! Long distances; okay! Hills, gravel roads, harsh winds and rain? No problem! But experienced mountain bikers? Heck, no. Still, reading the route description, it seemed doable. Was it really that difficult?

No worries
To ease our minds we naturally did our research and asked knowledgeable Kiwis about the trail. And if Kiwis are good at one thing, than it’s in pep-talking. “Of course you guys can do that!, I did it myself, and do I look fit to you? You have good bikes, don’t you? No worries! My 65 year old sister just did it last Sunday.” To name just a few of the ease-of-minds we’ve got.

Out of your comfort-zone
Lit by the never ending enthusiasm, we decided on ‘just’ doing the Pakihi Track. We would just see. No worries, hey? After our first fantastic day over the Dunes and the Motu Road Trail, time inevitably arrived to head onto the feared track. A few well-meant instructions from our lodging address in the back of our minds we sat off. “Step out of your comfort-zone and make sure to keep up the speed.” With that in mind, we started the adventure. And an adventure it definitely was!


Extreme concentration
In one word: nature was breathtaking! But the cycling was quite a challenge. This was a different ball game than relaxingly paddling through nature. 22 kilometers of utmost concentration, our noses touching the front wheels more than once and huffing and puffing all the way. Keeping up the speed, dodging rocks, narrowly passing steep drop-offs at high speed and getting off our bikes regularly to conquer rock debris.

Moral of this story?
We learned that the descriptions of the mountain bike tracks are sometimes a little bit on the optimistic side. Not only at the Pakihi track, but also on other trails. In real life they turn out to be just a bit harder and only suitable for the experienced mountain biker. Of you are one of those, you’re good to go. But if you are, like us, still practising a bit, make sure to get well informed and convince yourself that the track is suited for your skills. Talk to people who already rode it. Do ask thorough questions: what to expect and what exactly are the challenges. Gather and compare different sources (internet, travel guide, brochures, maps). So you won’t get in trouble and are assured of having an awesome bike ride and lots of fun!

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