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5 things you should check before you start cycling

You picked your trail, you know when you’re riding it and how many days? You also arranged your bike, accommodation and shuttle? Well, you’re all most ready to start paddling. We always use this little checklist just before we start riding. In this way we avoid unpleasant situations.Love to share it with you.

1. Check the latest weather report
Always check the latest weather report the day before and even on the day you start cycling. We noticed that the weather in New Zealand can change quickly. We use different weather apps, for example Rural Weahter App from MetService. You can also check the latest weather report at the local i-Sites, your accommodation or at the bike rental. Make sure you know what to expect!

2. Check the latest trail updates
Before you start riding check the trail updates. Due to heavy rainfall, some of the trails can be very muddy. Sometimes parts of the trail can be washed out and are impossible to ride. Also, rock slips can make cycling difficult. We use the trail websites or their Facebook to check the latest details. And we always asked the company where were rent our bikes. They’re a good source of information. Also for the fun stuff along the trails! Or check out the website of NZ Cycle Trails for the latest information on the trails.

3. Check your batteries
Don’t forget to charge the batteries of your camera, GoPro or mobile. And empty your memory cards. It happened to us a couple of times we missed out on some great views. They’re the only prove you’ve ridden this awesome trail. ☺


4. Check your food and water
Maybe you have to make a quick stop at the supermarket to stock up food, especially when you cycle in remote parts of the country. Bring enough food that gives you energy like bars, chocolate and nuts. And bring enough water, especially in summer when it gets hot.

5. Check your bike and repair kit
Are you renting a bike, the rental company makes sure the bike is suitable for your length and body. They also supply you with a helmet and repair kit. Bringing your own bike? Check if everything works: brakes, tiers et cetera. Don’t forget to bring your helmet and a repair kit.

Bonus tip!
When you cycle a multi-day trail, there’s always the question: Where do we safely park our car? Well here’re some tips which worked for us:

  • Most rental companies have a small parking (or even big one like Trail Journeys in Clyde) for their customers. Give them a call to find out!

  • Ask your accommodation if you can leave your car at their parking. Most of them don’t mind especially if you have spent the last few days at their place. Sometimes they ask a small fee.

  • Sometimes we left our car at the parking of the local i-site, like the i-Site in Opotiki when we cycled the Motu Trails.

  • Don’t know where to park, asked the people from the bike rental. They know where to find a cheap and safe public parking spots. Some of them have a safe storage for your valuables. We stored our stuff at the Marlborough Sounds Adventure Company in Picton when we cycled the Queen Charlotte Track.

Have you got more tips? Love to hear them!

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